Monthly production capacity: more than 300 tons; annual developments: more than 1000 kinds of precision investment castings

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Advanced Techniques
With strong technical capacity, Giayoung has produced about 10,000 items in more than 440 different grades of alloy since it started operation. It has the capacity to develop 1,000 new items per year in short lead time, and certain samples can be completed within one week by means of rapid prototyping techniques. Giayoung is able to participate in the design of Customers' products, and is able to re-developing customers' products independently. Experts in producing parts with complicated structure, Giayoung can produce parts with complicated inner cavity by means of self-made soluble wax and ceramic core. Giayoung's industrial lock body, thin thickness & hollow ball, and narrow channel impeller won the gold medals in excellent casting contest in the industry. Giayoung is especially good at casting and machining marine products, pump parts and auto parts with a special production line for producing large castings. It has a casting tolerance range of DCTG3-6 and surface roughness is Ra1.6-3.2, weight ranges from 1g to 148kgs, min. wall thickness is 0.5mm. Mechanical properties, chemical composition and nondestructive testing of castings conformed to international standards. Giayoung has its own in-house test laboratory to do acceptance inspection of casting material into factory, new material, test or research of new technical.  
Outstanding Human Resource
Human resources of Giayoung are extremely competitive. Particularly our technical and management teams are experienced and have the pragmatic spirit of dedication in their job. Half of them have got Bachelor degree or above (Most of them were graduated from famous universities of China, such as Tsinghua University, BUAA, Tianjin University, USTB, Dalian Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, etc.), Further more, employees have chances to be sent to Tsinghua University or other training organizations for further specialized education every year. This further enhances the Human Resource advantage. It is fair to say that the fundamental advantage of Giayoung's advantages is human resources. Due to good corporate employment environment, Giayoung people can fully utilize their abilities.
Excellent Equipments
Giayoung owns over 800 different items of casting and machining equipments.
Approximately 85% of the high technology equipments is imported. Such equipments includes wax injection machine, direct-reading spectrometer, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) lathe, VMC (vertical machine center) and etc. The high quality equipment ensures a stable quality of the product.
<1> Adopted advanced automatic wax processing system, imported non-vat wax injector and automatic electric steam de-waxing stove, so that wax processing and wax pattern pressing become semi-automatic.
<2> Shell drying system adopts automatic suspension conveyer chain.
<3> Equipped with advanced equipment, for the melting and pouring of high temperature Ni based and Co based alloy and Al alloy high-end castings.
<4> Adopted advanced heat treatment equipments, such as fully automatic atmosphere furnace
<5> Equipped with advanced machining equipments, such as Four-axis machining centre, mill turn CNC and etc, to machine high-precision castings.
<6> Millions of Renminbi was invested to build a new machining workshop which covers 4,000 square meters. As a result, Giayong's machining capacity was increased by four times and the ability of precision machining for high-end products was greatly improved.
Advanced Inspection
Sets of advanced inspection instruments and systematic inspection procedures ensure a reliable control of the product quality from surface to internal.
Several direct-reading spectrometers to control and analyze chemical composition of Fe-based, Ni-based, Cu-based, Al-based alloy as well as Nitrogen element;
Electronic Universal Material Tester to inspect the Physical and Mechanical properties, Ultra-low temperature (-196 oC) impact tester to inspect impact value, Hardness testers to inspect hardness value for Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Leeb Hardness;
Internal Structure Examination by Electron Metallurgical Microscope, Ferrite control measuring instruments;
Non-destructive Examination such as Magnetic Particle Examination and Liquid Penetration Examination, Surface Roughness Test, X-ray & gamma-ray Examination and endoscopy are used in production.
For Dimension and tolerance control, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Image measuring instrument, thickness gauge, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge as well as a Portable Calibrator, Digital Potentiometer, Infrared Thermometer, Gun-Type Thermometer and other Conventional measuring tools and Inspecting Instruments are well equipped.
Moreover, sealing performance test of Hydrostatic and inter-granular corrosion inspection can be conducted.
Advanced Management System
1. In 1995,Giayoung, together with Tsinghua University developed a special management information system (MIS) for  precision casting management . In 1996, Giayoung took the lead in using the computer system for information management within the industry.
2. Always following the technical front of CAD, CAE, CAM in order to expand the technical and manufacturing capacity.
3. 6S management has been implemented.

Solid Quality System
The quality system has been steadily improved by implementing quality concepts step by step. As the leader in this industry, Giayoung got ISO9002:1994 quality system certification by the end of 1998 and ISO9001:2000 by the end of 2002 from DNV. Because of the excellent operation of its quality system, Giayoung was listed as one of the typical customers together with Hair by DNV. In 2004 Giayoung passed the EU Pressure Vessel CE/PED certification and was certified by major international classification societies of Marine product, such as Lloyd's Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas(BV), Germanischer Lloyd(GL), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(NKK) and American Bureau of Shipping(ABS). For the welding of stainless steel and carbon steel material, LR, DNV and TUV's Welding procedure certifications and Welder qualification certification were achieved. Giayoung passed ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality management system certification for automobile industry products on February, 2012.
Large-scale production
Giayoung, as one of the best high-end investment casting foundries in China, has three production lines, capable of producing 1.3 million pcs of investment castings or 300 tons per month. 

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