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EHS Compliance

Giayoung have invested heavily in EHS compliance in order to ensure that we are able to exceed local regulations and ensure continuity of supply to our customers.

Giayoung Bag Filter

Bag Filter

Reduce dust content in the workplace effectively;
Prevent employees from being injured by dust and reduce air pollution.

Giayoung Use of Fire Extinguisher

Emergency Drill

Organize emergency drills to improve the emergency response ability of employees.

Giayoung Daily EHS

Daily EHS

EHS section carries out hidden risk investigation in production workshop every day. Once the hidden danger is found, it should be rectified in time to prevent the accident.

Giayoung Monthly EHS

Monthly EHS

In order to keep the health of employees, EHS section monitors the noise and dust level in the workplace every month to ensure that they meet national standards.