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Surface Treatment

  • Tumbling


    It makes a friction between the castings and the grinding blocks under the centrifugal force in a vibrating grinder. The impurities, flashes and parting lines on the surface of the castings can be removed to get a fine surface roughness.
    Application: Stainless Steel.

  • Mechanical polishing

    Mechanical polishing

    When the polishing wheel rotates at a high speed, friction caused by the force between the casting surface and the wheel generates high temperature at the contacting area and increases the plasticity of the metal. The convex part of the microscopic unevenness flows at the high temperature to the concave part to fill up, thereby the uneven surface is improved. Mechanical polishing is divided into dull polishing and mirror polishing. The surface after dull polishing is smooth, linear, like a foggy film. The mirror polished surface is as bright as a mirror, and the surface roughness can reach ≤ Ra0.2.
    Application: stainless steel.

  • Electro-Plating


    The pre-processed article to be plated is the cathode, the plated metal is the anode, and they are connected by the electrolytic solution composed of the positive ions of the plated metal. After power on, the anode metal will lose electrons, the cathode will get electrons, and the plating metal atoms will accumulate on the surface of the cathode, the plating layer is thus formed. Electroplating can improve the corrosion resistance, hardness and surface looking of castings. At present, the company is capable of blue and white zinc plating, color zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, and KTL coating. The surface after electroplating is smooth and shiny. The surface after white zinc plating is silvery white, the surface of color zinc plating is rainbow with reflection, nickel and chrome plating appears bright white, and KTL coating shows black.
    Application: carbon steel, low and medium alloy steel, tool steel.

  • Painting


    The paint disperses into uniform and fine fog drops under pressure or centrifugal force in a spray gun or disc type atomizer, and applies to the surface of the castings.
    Application: carbon steel, low and medium alloy steel, tool steel.

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